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Welcome to The Montgomery TEA Party website!  We hope you have the time to browse the informative and interesting information we strive to keep up to date and relevant. Though our Mission Statement is posted, in short - Our local Tea Party was created in the summer of 2010 to provide an organized outlet and subdivision for the National Tea Party where like minded individuals may come together to learn and discuss the many political issues that affect our lives both of local and national concern.  Whether you already share the Tea Party philosophy, are on the fence or are simply interested in obtaining more information - WE WELCOME YOU!  We believe in the respectful exchange of political thought and have a lot of fun when members and guests get together.  Feel free to click on the Contact Us page as we are eager to hear from you!

The Montgomery TEA Party

To the brave NFL players that ran into a hotel with an active sniper... Never mind, those were police officers...

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